Rules of conduct at Atlanterhavsbadet



  • Valid tickets are purchased at the reception, and are to be used entering and exiting. Valid on the day of purchase only
  • The pool activities closes 30 min. prior to closing time, and all visitors are expected to og to the showers and wardrobe areas by then
  • Visits for other purposes than use of the pools must be approved by a member of our staff
  • Children under the age of ten must be accompanied by an adult of at least 16 years, and should be supervised at all times
  • Children may accompany parent of the opposite sex in showers and wardrobe until they are 6-7 years old
  • Children wearing swim-diapers should also wear swimsuits
  • Persons,- including children, that cannot swim are only permitted to the shallow ends of the pools
  • All visitors are required to shower without swimwear prior to entering the pool area. Bring soap and towels into the shower room. Underwear is not permitted underneath swimwear
  • Contaminating the water is prohibited
  • Exessive noice or indecent behaviour will lead to expulsion
  • As a hygienic precaution, shaving is not permitted in any wardrobe, shower or bathroom
  • The spa ssection, (velværeavdelingen) is a quiet zone. Jumping or diving is not permitted in this area
  • Our facility is smoke-, snus, and gum-free in every area, including the outdoor pool and the entrance area
  • Avoid running in the shower- or pool areas. Wet tiles are very slippery and may be a hazard to yourself and others
  • Use of snorkel or flippers are not permitted, exept at designated training times. By agreement of our staff, they may be permitted in the training lanes
  • Animals are not permitted
  • Breakable objects should not be brought into showers or pool areas
  • Persons with contagious diseases or infected wounds should not use our facility
  • Drunk or intoxicated persons are not permitted into our facility, and alcohol is prohibited throughout all areas. Failiure to comply will result in expulsion
  • Visitors not participating in any pool activities should remove their shoes, or ask at the reception for plastic shoe-covers
  • Our facility is not liable for any valuables that are not handed over to our staff
  • Lost-and-found is beeing kept for 3 months
  • Any complaints must be in writing to be prosecuted

These rules of conduct are to ensure the safety and comfort of yourself and others.